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Gabriella Vogogna Biography 


Creative since her childhood,  highly sensitive to art and aesthetics little Gabriella Vogogna already showed her interest in plastics arts by daring to design her own clothes. Those evidenced an amazing originality and audacious use of colors and textures.


Still as a young teenager, she started her professional life managing her mother’s prestigious antiquity shop in the world known antiquities’ neighborhood « San Telmo » in Argentina. There, she had the opportunity to increase her artistic senses by dealing with a vaste variety of artworks and masterpieces from different periods, from the classical, the Art Nouveau, Art Deco, to the modernism, etc. Among the beauties which she could admire and learn from, there were paintings, bronze and marble sculptures, tapestries, ivory statues, antique jewels, etc. 


Gabriella Vogogna

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